Anaïs Nony, PhD

I am a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Fort Hare, under the South African Research Chair Initiatives in Social Change. My work questions the impact of technologies on social life, including media art, cybernetics, articifial intellengence, and governmental technologies of behavioral surveillance and control.

I have recently developed a writing coach service for individuals and universities.


I live in Cape Town, South Africa and can be reached at

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21 November


10th Annual New Materialisms Conference on Reconfiguring Higher Education
2-4 December 2019
Des féminismes noirs en contexte (post)impérial français ? Histoires, expériences et théories
3-5 Mars 2020


Racism and Culture in the Age of Techno-Aesthetic Supremacy

A society has race prejudice or it has not. There are no degrees of prejudice.

Frantz Fanon


In other words, high time for the retrieval of the space of the political.

Hortense Spillers